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National Drive It Day
28 April 2019
National Drive It Day
Get your Triumph out and join in with the rest of the classic car community

Hi Guys,

Drive It Day this year will be to POWIS Castle Nr Welshpool. https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/powis-castle-and-garden
Our revised itinerary for this Sunday is therefore now:-

Outbound - 10.30am start from The Horseshoe Inn, Uckington.
Follow B4380 to Shrewsbury and join A5 towards Oswestry.
A5 onto A458 to Welshpool and POWIS Castle.
(27 miles, 42 minutes)

Should arrive at POWIS Castle - spend day there re lunch, walk in grounds etc.

Choice of inbound return route
1) directly back to Shrewsbury/Telford via above route
2) from POWIS Castle A490 to Church Stoke
A489 to Craven Arms
Home Journey - Either A49 to Shrewsbury or B4368 to Much Wenlock/Telford.
To Much Wenlock 41 miles, 68 mins.
To Shrewsbury 45 miles, 79 mins

Of course, as ever is the case, a lot depends on the weather. At the moment, the forecast for Sunday is dry, so fingers crossed. If this changes, and it turns negative in terms of the weather enabling people to enjoy their day, then we’ll get a message out via e-mail/Facebook/WhatsApp.

Bill, Simon & David

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